Ultimate Step Off

Ultimate Step Off is an online step show competition featuring historically African American sororities and fraternities.

The client requested a visual identity to be used across primarily digital mediums. Specific requests were given to convey competition, a relationship with greek life's collegiate background, and stand out in the oversaturated greek life niche. Promesh was the perfect font to communicate the connection to college. Using laurels in the logo was a no-brainer with its dual connections to both Greek culture and competition.

A smaller challenge arose in choosing colors for the brand. At the client's request I was to leave out any colors that the greek organizations used. This forced me to think outside of the box a find colors that paired well together and popped for the target audience. Navy blue and a lime green palette ultimately became the winning combination for the client

As part of my on-going relationship with this client I continue to design social media graphics such a social platform staple assets like cover photos and profile images, in addition to a wide assortment of evergreen graphics for promotional purposes.

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